On “special snowflake syndrome” (part 1)

You know, a lot of people want to feel special.

I want to feel special.

I’ve been thinking about the best way to feel special lately.

I considered trying to convince people that I was the most intelligent person. Or maybe I’m the most attractive person. Or maybe…maybe I’ll learn some obscure facts so I can seem the most educated. Then I’ll be special. People will praise me because society praises these characteristics, and if I can convince people, even briefly, that I’m the best at these things, I will be special and celebrated.

But you know what…I thought more about it, and I decided that that was a bad idea.

I decided that it would be better to make up an identity that no one understands.

I decided that I wanted to alienate myself from my family and my friends because they don’t understand me.

I decided that I wanted people to tell me every day how disgusting they think I am.

I decided that I wanted to offend people with similar identities by “stealing”, “appropriating” and “weakening” their identities.

I decided that I wanted to be so special that people would wish death on me.

It totally makes sense, right guys? Right?

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